I’m a big fan of AronRa, and he really got amongst it at the GAC. He even lost his voice shouting over the top of christian preachers with a PA system. I guess that makes him a hoarse man of the anti-apocalypse :p

Here’s where he blew out his voice:

Here he is with askegg trying vegemite for the first time:

Here he is in a one on one with a christian preacher:

Here he is with Mr. Deity arguing with a creationist, Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

And here is the episode of TheMagicSandwichShow he was in while in Melbourne, debating two intellectually dishonest creationists:

And if you just still can’t get enough of him, here he is in a podcast interview with Father Bob of Sunday Night Safran on Triple J fame: http://www.godless.biz/2012/04/16/father-bob-and-aronra/

(Source: mophosophical.com)

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